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Premium 3-in-1 Youth Glow Activation Wand

A revolutionary home beauty tool, combining 3 scientifically proven skincare technologies to tone, rejuvenate and activate your skin's natural radiance!

Proven to enhance your skin, with zero damage, downtime, or pain with just 3 relaxing, 15 minute treatments a week

LED Light Therapy

Promotes healing and total rejuvenation with 5 customizable treatment options

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

EMS restores skin elasticity + firmness

Radio Frequency (RF)

Increases collagen production improving skin texture and suppleness

Cutting Edge Technology Clinically Proven to Reduce the Appearance Of…

Fine Lines



Acne Scars

Dull Skin

Sagging Skin

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Bring the Medical Grade Facial Benefits Safely into Your Own Home

For skin that is...

before after


before after

Acne Prone

before after


before after


How Does Lily Work?


with electric muscle stimulation


with radio frequency


with light therapy

5 customizable light therapy treatment options allows you tailor your facial for specific skin concerns.
Fight acne, calm and restore, tone, enhance and more!

The Science

It’s Not Magic, It’s Science


How the Lily 3-in-1 Youth Glow Activation Wand Reverses the Aging Process

The Lily 3-in-1 Youth Glow Activation Facial Wand employs a multi-modal approach rooted in scientific principles to combat the aging process of the skin. Radio frequency technology penetrates deep into the dermal layers, stimulating fibroblast activity and promoting the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Electric muscle stimulation enhances microcirculation, facilitating nutrient and oxygen delivery to skin cells while toning facial muscles, which can attenuate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Complementing these mechanisms, LED light therapy employs specific wavelengths to trigger intracellular processes, bolstering ATP production and facilitating cellular rejuvenation. As aging coincides with diminished collagen production, the synergistic integration of these modalities in Lily offers a promising strategy to counteract this decline, leading to improved skin elasticity, reduced wrinkle formation, and an overall youthful complexion.

Even estheticians are obsessed.

"The technology of this tool is insane! I’ve been using Lily every single day for a week and the results speak for themself. It’s been sculpting out my jawline and giving me this natural contour. I love that it has 3 different functions all in one tool!”

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