your beauty, your way

Fancii is here to be a new voice in an industry that can be vain and full of unrealistic beauty expectations. We’re here to take a light hearted approach to the beauty industry and say come as you damn well please. We don’t believe age needs defying and we haven’t discovered the gene for poreless skin. We simply make the tools that empower you to focus on your MVP (aka you) and deliver your most authentic self to the world.

new brand energy

As we've evolved from a small start-up to a growing enterprise over the last 7 years, we felt a need to hit the refresh button on our branding as a whole. Our goal at Fancii has always been to help people feel their most beautiful, confident, authentic self - whatever that means to them. The heart of our brand is all about providing people with an outlet for self care and self-expression;  a place for having fun, being bold and non-apologetic about who we are. We do that daily in our beauty routines and are now bringing that to life in our overall branding. Powered by a vibrant new color palette, more sustainable packaging, and a fresh new vibe, we are honestly feeling ourselves in a serious way. We hope the new look of our brand gives you the ‘feel good vibes’ we envisioned and inspires you to be (and feel) your most beautiful, authentic self.

Mandrea and Aurelija Fancii co-founders

We're a bit extra about our beauty tools...

our products

Every single Fancii tool is meticulously tested by our internal team, and sent to our insider community of aestheticians, makeup artists, and beauty influencers for their professional opinion. We are super picky about product design. We kid you not, it took us six months to design the perfect compact mirror. Whenever we develop something new, we look for effectiveness, ease of use, and the super important glam factor, a.k.a. how many times our friends ask us, “Where did you get that?!” And because we trust that our customers are just as picky as we are, we constantly update our designs based on your reviews, and ask for your input on new items and color releases.

our guarantee

Our goal is to develop unique, high-quality products that not only deliver the results as promised, but last for many years to come. We are so proud of and dedicated to our beauty tools that we back them all by a 2-year warranty. Should anything go wrong, simply message in to and we will sort it out for you - simple as that. We also offer a 90-day money back guarantee if you aren’t 10/10 obsessed with your new beauty tool (though we feel pretty damn confident you will be!)