Remi Versus Aeva: Everything You Need to Know

Facial massage has taken the beauty and skincare community by storm - and for many reasons! Facial rolling provides endless benefits - it depuffs, tightens, tones, and detoxes the skin from within (to name a few). The question we keep hearing is this: Aeva or Remi? Our answer: BOTH! Our Remi Massage Roller and Aeva Rose Quartz Roller are completely different beauty tools which provide different benefits. In this post, we’re breaking down the differences. Let’s go!

Primary Purpose/Benefits


Remi’s germanium stones replicate a massage you'd receive during a facial which is meant to be stimulating and help with blood circulation. The more vigorous technique gets the blood pumping under our skin, carrying more oxygen and stimulating collagen production.

Remi is great for alleviating tension in the often ignored facial muscles and excellent for the neck, jaw, shoulders, and any other part of the body that could use relief. Also, Remi's Gua Sha stone used as acupressure to help with tension headaches or use on hand


Aeva's purpose is to help drain excess liquids from our lymphatic system. These liquids make our face appear puffy, so Aeva helps with toning and contouring our face. It also helps with the absorption of your skincare products and eliminating toxins from our skin.

Aeva reduces the appearance of dark circles and tired, puffy eyes. When rolling it gently around the eye area, Aeva can help alleviate sinus pressure and pain.


Massage Tool


Using Remi is not meant to be particularly relaxing but used as a vigorous massage, it will help release the build-up tension in your face and increase blood flow and collagen production. It can also be used to massage all parts of the body (back, shoulders, etc). Really helpful for knots, built up tension (headaches) and muscle aches.


Aeva provides a gentle, relaxing massage, focusing primarily on the face. Roll in an upward and outward direction towards your temples and ears, not back and forth as it won’t help move toxins away from the face. Gently massage down the neck towards the collarbone to remove excess toxins and fluids.



REMI: Germanium

Remi is made from the chemical element germanium. The germanium stones attract harmful electrons that our skin picks up throughout the day from our electronics which contribute to premature aging of our skin. It also facilitates the movement of oxygen across cellular membranes to deliver oxygen into the cells which will help relieve puffiness and provide a brighter complexion.

AEVA: Rose Quartz

Aeva is made entirely of 100% genuine rose quartz stone from Brazil. Rose quartz is best known for its wrinkle-reducing benefits, and the ability to soothe irritated skin or skin conditions like Rosacia and enlarged pores.




Remi doubles as a Gua Sha stone - the mini Gua Sha stone at the end of the tool  can be used to soothe under eye skin, helping with dark circles or puffiness. It can also be used on acupressure points like the neck, shoulders, arms and hands etc. to relieve built-up tension and body aches.


Aeva includes two rose quartz rollers at each end. The large one recommended for use all over the face and the small one is best for under eyes and around temples. 


There you have it -  Everything you need to know about our two newest massage rollers! Happy rolling! 


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