Bad Beauty Lighting: Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever spent lots of time preparing for date night, felt confident with your makeup application, and then caught sight of yourself in the restaurant bathroom mirror in complete shock? Maybe you didn’t blend your foundation properly, or perhaps you went way too heavy on the bronzer?

Unfortunately, it seems to happen far too often than it should.

While you may be double guessing your makeup application skills, the truth is that it’s probably not you that’s causing these beauty mistakes. It’s your lighting. Everyone knows that lighting makes all the difference between a good photo and a bad one, but did you know it can also be the difference between good and bad makeup application?

Bad Beauty Lighting™
 is the lack of lighting or any shade of lighting that isn’t neutral, and unfortunately, Bad Beauty Lighting™ is everywhere! From our bathrooms to our bedrooms to public places like restaurants, there’s no escaping bad beauty lighting.

But how to deal with Bad Beauty Lighting™? Don’t worry, that’s where we come in to help. We’re here to spill all on Bad Beauty Lighting™ and how to fight back against it. Read on to discover all!

Natural Daylight Lighting 

All makeup artists and beauty gurus will agree that natural daylight is best for applying makeup. It’s evenly diffused, soft, and clear, so you can notice if you haven’t blended your foundation properly or need to apply more concealer. It’s also not too harsh that it highlights all those imperfections we hate to see!

If you can apply your makeup near a window or in natural light, take advantage of it. With the use of natural daylight, your makeup will end up looking vibrant, precise, and perfectly matched to your skin tone.

Of course, you won’t always have the opportunity to do your makeup in natural daylight. But don’t worry, there’s a solution. We’ll get to that in a bit! First, let’s go through the types of Bad Beauty Lighting™ to avoid practicing your makeup in.

All makeup artists and beauty gurus will agree that natural daylight is best for applying makeup.

Yellow Hued Lighting

Yellow lighting is common in many bathrooms as it’s usually emitted from generic light bulbs. This means that unfortunately many of us make the mistake of applying our makeup under yellow lighting daily.

The yellow, warm, yet dull lighting can make you look tired or ill, which means it’s easy to go too heavy on the concealer and powder in an attempt to brighten up your complexion. If you’ve ever left your apartment for the day only to catch yourself in the mirror at work looking more overdone than you remember, you may be suffering from Bad Beauty Lighting™.

The worst part is that you only realize your mistake once you’ve already applied your face on and have set foot out the door!

Bad Beauty Lighting Yellow Lighting

Rose Lighting

Rose lighting is the most flattering and applying your makeup in such lighting is sure to give you a confidence boost. Why, your skin looks perfectly smooth, glowing, and blemish-free!

Unfortunately, applying your makeup under rose lighting is like looking through rose-tinted glasses. It’s a lie.

While you may look flawless after your makeup application under rose lighting, it’s unlikely you will under the cold light of day. This is because under flattering rose-colored light you can’t see exactly what you’re doing, so it’s easy to miss spots and blemishes and to leave uneven patches of foundation.

Many bathrooms of restaurants feature rose lighting, to create a warm ambiance. As tempting as it is to touch up under rose lighting, you should avoid it. It seems there is such a thing as ‘too flawless’ after all!


Bad Beauty Lighting Rose Lighting

Fluorescent White Lighting

Now we get to the worse of the worse – fluorescent lighting! If you can, avoid doing your makeup under bright, white, fluorescent lighting at all costs.

The most unflattering and unforgiving lighting of all, fluorescent lighting highlights all your blemishes and imperfections, washing out your skin. Not only will it cause you to go too heavy on the makeup to try and over-conceal, but looking in a mirror under florescent lighting is also damaging to your confidence! Just remember, it’s not you – it’s the lighting.

As fluorescent lighting is so ridiculously bright and white in color, it’s easy to apply too much foundation, bronzer, powder, or blush. And you don’t want to arrive at that big party looking like a clown, do you?

Fluorescent lighting is often found in clothing shops and the bathrooms of fancy restaurants and bars in an effort to provide a bright and stylish atmosphere. So, if you’re out in public and need to top up your makeup, avoid doing it in a setting featuring fluorescent lighting.

Bad Beauty Lighting Fluorescent Lighting

Dim Lighting

While dim lighting can be rather flattering, for obvious reasons it’s not ideal for applying makeup. Without being able to see your face with clarity, it’s easy to miss spots when blending, or to overdo it with blush or bronzer as you can’t see how much you’re applying.

Whether you’re applying makeup in your bedroom when it’s dark outside, or you’re stuck in a hotel room that lacks proper lighting, dim lighting can be found everywhere, so beware! 

Bad Beauty Lighting Dim Lighting

LED Lighting Mirrors Are the Solution

While we’d all love to do our makeup in natural daylight, it’s not always possible. Perhaps it’s a gloomy day, maybe you’re getting ready in the dark (which is common during the winter season) or maybe you’re stuck doing your makeup in a location that doesn’t offer natural light and suffers from Bad Beauty Lighting™.

That’s where our selection of Fancii mirrors come in to save us from Bad Beauty Lighting™.

After natural daylight, LED lighting is the next best thing. LED lights mimic natural daylight, providing a steady stream of flattering yet honest lighting for you to apply your makeup under. You can apply your makeup under one of our LED mirrors feeling confident that however you apply your makeup in the mirror is exactly how you’ll look when you step outside.

From vanity mirrors to keep in your bedroom to suction mirrors that can be fitted in the bathroom to compact travel mirrors, we offer a wide range of stylish, versatile, and useful mirrors so you can beat Bad Beauty Lighting™ wherever you go.

The best part about our travel mirrors, in particular, is that they can be taken anywhere, so you can tend to your makeup wherever you are. That’s whether you’re sitting in the dark, are stuck on public transport, or are staying in a hotel with Bad Beauty Lighting™.

Ready to invest? Check out our full range of LED lighting makeup mirrors here. Say goodbye to Bad Beauty Lighting™ and hello to a flawless makeup routine!


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