5 Causes of Adult Acne

We're all adults here, so let's get straight to the point: Adult acne is a pain in the a**. Acne sucks when you’re a teenager, but adult acne can take an even bigger toll on your self-esteem. Can I get a raise of hands for those who thought this dreadful face attack was supposed to end-post puberty? For anyone still finding themselves dealing with that nail-on-the-chalkboard word, that is adult acne, look no further than this blog post for some reasons you may be suffering.

1. Not drinking enough water

To those of you who have read our previous blog posts, we may sound like a broken record when it comes to our love affair with water, but let’s face it – failing to drink enough water has disastrous consequences on your health and nutrition, this includes your face and skin! When you are dehydrated, waste products are not sufficiently dissolved causing a build up of toxins in your body which are then expelled through your skin! Your skin is your largest organ and needs that precious h2o to stay hydrated and retain moisture, so drink up those 8 glasses a day!

2. Proper face washing

The act of washing your face seems like a pretty straight-forward task, right? Think again. Ask yourself these questions:

Can you pass the white towel test?

Upon washing your face, are you able to rub a white towel over your face and the towel remain white and residue free? (If the answer is no, you’re not properly removing all of your makeup!) It may appear that you have removed all of your makeup, but doing the white towel test will ensure whether or not you really have removed it all

washing face

How many times do you wash your face per day?

If your answer is once – You may not be washing enough. And if your answer is 3 times – You could be over-washing which causes irritation and a decreased moisture. Most dermatologists recommend washing 2 times per day, however, everybody has different skin, so it's always best to ask your dermatologist. 

3. Stress is a pest

Our adult lives can be crazy and stressful at times, making it completely unfair that this stress can then manifest into skin problems! (Seriously - We have enough things to worry about while adulting!) Your body has a few different responses to stressful situations, one of which is to release the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is the culprit for that ‘tired’ look and also the inflammation that can trigger a breakout.

We’re not saying it's possible to delete all stress from your life, but de-stressing can do wonders for not just your face but your well-being. Try doing some light yoga, reading, or a warm bath if you are feeling overwhelmed. Some docs insist that de-stressing is as simple as catching up on some Z's, so take that cat nap and make sure you are getting enough sleep at night! 

4. You don't exfoliate

In case you weren't already aware, the benefits of exfoliation are many! Exfoliation is THE most important part of any skin care routine. Here's why exfoliation is da bomb:

Phew! Need we say more?

Cora 7 complete cleansing brush

We suggest exfoliating twice a week as part of a good skincare regime – both the face and body. Be sure to keep your skin hydrated post-exfoliation by using your favorite moisturizer. To achieve the best possible exfoliation, we recommend this beauty, which cleanses skin 6x better than using hands alone. Each specific brush head exfoliates specifically to your skincare needs, so you'll achieve a perfect exfoliation each time and begin reaping those endless above benefits!

5. You don't eat a balanced diet

Unfortunately, binging on cupcakes and ice cream has been found to cause some unwanted effects on our health. Sugary foods are okay in limitation, but too many sweets can spike your blood sugar levels affects your hormone levels and leads to an increased chance of a breakout occurring.

Lucky for you, there are delicious foods you can put on your plate to balance out your diet. Try adding foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids such as fish and walnuts. They help to reduce inflammation that directly correlate to acne. A diet with a rainbow assortment of fruits and vegetables will also help to replenish your skin cells from the inside out and get you on the path to clear skin! Fruits and veggies high in Vitamin C restore collagen in your body to build up your skin cells and help fight off acne causing bacteria with their richness in antioxidants. 
So when in doubt, reach for some fruit and veggies rather than potato chips when snacking throughout the day!

Balanced diet


Do you have any tips for managing adult acne? If so, be sure to share them in the comments section!

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