The Newest Fancii Team Members Try Rhea


This Spring, it's not just about cleaning out your home Marie Kondo style but instead looking at how we can achieve fresher, healthier looking skin in time for summer. At Fancii HQ we decided to do a little experiment. We asked our newest team members Laura (28), Irene (35) and Pearlie (39), to try our Rhea Sonic Cleansing Brush for two weeks and report back. Here's what happened... 



Age: 28
Skin Type: Dry / Combination
Biggest Skin Concern: Redness and Sensitivity

"I have to confess, I’m a skincare addict. I was so excited when we decided to do this activity with the team because I had had my eye on the FOREO cleanser for a while but it was a bit of an investment so I hadn’t got around to purchasing it. I used the Rhea with my usual Glycolic Cleanser (not foaming), working the product into my skin. My cleanser kind of disappeared as I exfoliated so I know it really soaked into my pores. I made sure to rinse thoroughly with warm water afterward and then I applied my toner, serums, eye cream, and moisturizer. After the first couple of days I really noticed a difference, my skin was more radiant and smooth - my co-workers even commented on how good it looked!

Conclusion: This is a staple in my skincare routine now. I really like how I can use this every day without worrying about my skin freaking out because it’s so gentle. The biggest plus for me is how quickly it cleared up hormonal spots I would get around my jawline. Usually, they would be there for more than a week, now they only last a few days!"





Age: 35
Skin Type: Normal / Combination
Biggest Skin Concern: Loss of tone

"I’m a busy mom of 3 and I don’t get a lot of time to myself, so my skincare routine is pretty simple and quick! I normally use the Fancii Cora 3 brush, so I was really excited to see how I would get on the with Rhea. I purchased a cleanser from Clinique specifically designed to foam up with sonic brushes, and I used them together about three times a week. What I loved about Rhea was that it’s 100% waterproof. I have to multi-task in the mornings, so it was a huge plus that I could cleanse with the Rhea while in the shower! My three girls love playing with it which is totally fine because I know that I can wash it with warm water and it will be hygienic enough to use on my face afterward. I really like the two different sides for exfoliation and general cleansing, it was great for my Oily T-zone but gentle enough for the rest of my skin.

Conclusion: I really enjoyed using the Rhea. I love that it’s waterproof and can be used in the shower to save time for busy moms like me! I also received compliments on how great my skin looked, and I felt like it was much softer and less puffy in the morning."




Age: 39
Skin Type: Oily and Dry
Biggest Skin Concern: Large Pores, slight sensitivity, and dullness

"My biggest concern when I was asked to use the Rhea, was my skin breaking out. In the past, I have avoided using brushes to exfoliate with because I have sensitive skin and overstimulation just makes my skin produce excess oil and leaves me with spots. I used the Rhea with my normal mild foaming cleanser. I noticed a little bit of redness and sensitivity after the first use, but my skin felt so soft. On my colleague's advice, I turned the down vibration strength which helped a lot! I used it to massage my neck and shoulders (you must try it), and I also massaged my moisturizer in and found that it soaked into my skin quicker than applying it with my hands.

Conclusion: I was surprisingly really pleased with the results! I feel my skin has become smoother, supple, and less bumpy. I am super elated that I did not break out from using the Rhea, which I thought would happen. I shall continue using Rhea in my basic skincare routine, and I’ll be radiant and glowing in no time!"






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