The Benefits of Using a Facial Steamer (10 Reasons to Get Steamy Tonight)

benefits of facial steaming

When you think about facial steaming, you might envision yourself with your eyes closed in a fancy spa lavishing in a luxurious facial experience. It’s obvious that facial steaming not only feels divine, but when there’s nothing else to do but close your eyes and give into the dreaminess of the steam you can’t help but feel relaxed in the present moment. It’s a beautiful thing! Luckily, now you can bring that feeling to your own home on the regular, with home facial steamers like Rivo

As incredible as facial steaming feels, many wonder, what are the benefits of facial steaming for my skin? In today’s blog, we’re breaking down some of the amazing benefits that will make you want to drop everything and do a facial steam right now. 

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10 Benefits of Using a Facial Steamer

1. Purifies the Skin

Warm steam helps to open up the pores which can help dislodge dirt, oil or impurities from the skin. By steaming your skin with purified water, you will get a deep cleansing experience that actually penetrates your pores on a deeper level resulting in cleaner, clearer skin. 

2. Decongests the Pores

Since the warm steam aids in dislodging and loosening oils and sebum in the skin, it helps to decongest the pores. This is especially helpful for those prone to acne breakouts as acne is caused when the pores get blocked with oil, dead skin and bacteria. By decongesting the pores, we help free the debris that could lead to future breakouts while simultaneously helping to soothe any current ones as well. 

 87% of users experienced visibly clearer, blackhead-free pores after using Rivo.

3. Locks in Moisture 

Facial steaming helps hydrate the face from a couple different angles. The warm steam helps increase the skin's natural oil production which helps naturally moisturize from the inside out. Facial steaming helps breakdown barriers on dehydrated skin that can block the absorption of facial serums and moisturizers allowing them to work more effectively once again post-steam. Using Rivo’s cool steam setting, you can help tighten pores while locking in nano-sized water particles. This helps combat dry, itchy and flaky skin. 

benefits of facial steaming

4. Increases Circulation

Warm steam paired with a natural increase in skin temperature helps dilate your blood vessels which increases blood flow and fresh oxygenation to your face. Increased blood flow and increased oxygen is especially supportive for cellular repair and healing the skin, at the same time, it also leaves your skin feeling invigorated and super glowy. 

5. Boosts Collagen and Elastin

Whenever you boost circulation to your skin as noted above, it helps stimulate natural collagen and elastin production within the skin. Collagen and elastin help give your skin a firm, toned feel. Therefore, making facial steaming part of your regular weekly skincare routine can help improve the firmness of your skin, and even more so when you use a facial massager like  Remi facial massager or the  Aeva rose quartz roller regularly as well. 

6. Soothes and Calms Inflammation

Warm facial steaming brings blood and oxygen to the face which encourages healing. The zen act of steaming itself helps quench physical and emotional stress which naturally brings down inflammation levels in the body. It’s very soothing, especially when you add aromatics to the steam that work both energetically and physically to calm the body and skin. Cool steam helps reduce heat and topical inflammation as well, this feels particularly amazing if you took advantage of loose debris in open pores from a warm steam to decongest your face with some blackhead extractions. 


7. Shrinks The Appearance of Pores

Cool steam helps to reduce the appearance of large pores by tightening them up. It also locks in nano-sized water particles giving the skin a plump, hydrated and dewy look. Though you can’t ever truly close your pores, a cool steam at the end of a warm one helps cool the skin and decrease the dilation that warm steam encourages and helps tighten things up again.   

8. Melts Away Stress

As much as facial steaming melts away debris in the skin, it melts away stress as well. In today’s world, it can sometimes feel hard to disconnect and truly enjoy relaxing, there are so many calls for our attention. If one thing is true about facial steaming, is that when you’re steaming it’s hard to multitask. All you can do is close your eyes and enjoy the experience, it truly is a spa escape that you can now achieve at the comfort of your own home with steamers like Rivo. You can think of steaming as forced mindfulness, which is scientifically proven to help reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Physical and emotional stress like this can show up on your skin in a variety of ways, so when you reduce these stressors, the benefits resonate on your skin as well. It’s a win-win! 

benefits of facial steaming

9. Helps Combat Sinus Congestion

When you’re feeling stuffed up and congested, your facial steamer can not only support natural glowing skin, but it can double up to help loosen congestion causing mucus and especially if paired with appropriate oils or herbs to help clear the nasal passages even more. Adding water-soluble eucalyptus or peppermint essential oils or the fresh herbs themselves in Rivo’s fruit basket can help clarify your skin and sinus congestion both at the same time. 

10. Increases the Absorption of Your Skin Care Products

One of the most fun benefits of facial steaming is that it allows skin care products to penetrate the skin more deeply, helping the work more effectively.  One trick you can try is actually doing a warm steam facial WITH a nourishing face mask on your cleansed face. This will allow the nutrients from the mask to reach more deeply into the skin, allowing it to absorb more and work better.  After a steam is the perfect time to pamper your skin with your favorite toner, essence, serum, cream or sheet mask. Soak it up, gorgeous! 


When it comes to glowing skin, there’s no doubt that having access to a home facial steamer not only relaxes and awakens the inner goddess within you, but has several skin benefits that will help you reveal your most health skin yet. 

 93% of Rivo users experienced a noticeably more hydrated, glowing complexion.

5 Reasons the Rivo Facial Steamer Will Be Your New Best Friend

Now that you know 10 of the incredible benefits that facial steaming can bring to your life (and your skin), we wanted to share 5 reasons you’ll absolutely love having easy access to an at-home facial steamer like Rivo on hand for regular use. 

1. A Luxury Facial At Your Fingertips

Having a home facial steamer that you can enjoy after a long day, in the comfort of your home is truly such a treat. By customizing the aromatics and the Treatment Settings of your steam really allows you to tailor the steam experience to the needs of your skin on any given day… without having to pay the exuberant price of a fancy facial at at a spa. 

benefits of facial steaming

2. It’s Relaxing AF

Face the facts. Dreamy, purified, aromatic steam pillowing against your face makes it hard to NOT feel relaxed and pampered. We recommend making a ritual around your steam. Make a herbal tea, light a candle, dim the lights, turn on some soft, soothing music and soak in the moment while absorbing the nourishment of your steamy facial. 

3. Decongested Skin Means Clearer Skin

When you are decongesting and deep cleansing your skin regularly, it helps clear away and prevent what would become breakouts or skin irritation down the road. The result is clearer and more radiant skin. 

4. Your Friends Will Notice How Amazing Your Skin Looks

Your skin texture will improve when it comes to tone, texture and hydration. Regular facial steaming literally melts stress off your face and nurtures healthy skin PLUS steaming helps improve the penetration and efficacy of your skin serums, essences, creams and masks. You’ll notice the difference in the way your skin feels and looks and your friends will too! 

5. The Aromatherapy Will Nourish Your Face And Make Your Home Feel Like a Spa

Adding customized aromatics to your steam facial allows you to target specific skin concerns with the power of essential oils and the healing power and nutrition of food, teas and herbs. From soothing acne, taming excess oil, boosting hydration, calming inflammation and tone balancing, there are so many options to explore when it comes to how you customize. Not only will your skin soak in these benefits, but you will also be diffusing the aromatics into your home which is relaxing and spa-like in itself. *SIGH*

benefits of facial steaming

There you go! You are now officially in the loop as to why home facial steaming can be an incredibly relaxing and important component to your regular skin care regimen. We hope you enjoyed learning about the benefits of facial steaming and how having a home facial steamer can be such a game-changer for both, the health of your skin and your self-care rituals too! 


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