The Problem with Higher Strength Magnifiers

A low vision magnifier is just one piece of the solution for low vision and must be chosen carefully. Choosing the right magnifier is very important as picking the wrong one can be frustrating.

When you move past 5X in magnification power, majority of magnifying glasses get increasingly more difficult to use as their size and "field of vision" gets smaller, and their focal distance (the distance a magnifier must be hold to the page) gets shorter as well. It is prudent that you select a higher quality magnifying glass especially when you get into higher magnifications. Lower quality lenses often contribute to poor image focus and blurriness. 

Fancii Optics offer quality magnifiers with higher magnification strength, such as our 10X LED magnifiers, but we strongly recommend working with a low vision eye care professional to help you find just the right strength and help you with training in using your new Fancii magnifier. We are always happy to find whatever resources we can to help you with magnification, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns -

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